Look and see inflatable signs in shapes and sizes previously unimagined.

Signarama Inflatable Signs are available for purchase or for rental at most locations. Make a statement your community will remember by using impactful inflatables from Signarama. Notice the large Rock’em Sock’em robots outside the car dealership for the holiday weekend sales? That’s what we are referring to – Inflatable Signs are great forms of advertisement.

Sports teams, automotive dealers, day care centers, real estate brokers, schools, and fitness centers are learning the value of Signarama Inflatable Signs. Some businesses leave their inflatables working every day they are open while others choose to use them on weekends or to promote special events or sales. Some companies purchase custom inflatables, others look to rent the use of popular styles for a particular period of time.

Great news, Signarama does both! We work with your staff to properly select and implement Inflatable Signs into your business plan. The inflatables we provide are approved for indoor or outdoor use. Some local townships may require permits for inflatable use – we can advise as part of the process. They are available in many figures, shapes, colors, or custom for your needs. Inflatables are held in place with rope and weights- some even are sand or are water-filled. Most operate on the same principle as a children’s bounce house, powered through regular 110v wall plug, (and extension cords if necessary) an electric motor pushes air into the inflatable to keep its shape. Some inflatables are filled with helium and do float above the business or site being advertised. Signarama can handle all of your inflatable sign needs, in the air, at a trade show or right here on terra firma!

Call any of our local sign centers for more information.

Please note that products and services offered on this page may not be available in all states or locations.



  • Wide range of colors, shapes, and sizes available
  • Very popular and eye catching
  • Powered through a standard 110V outlet
  • Available for purchase or rental

Use, Longevity & UV Stability:

  • Ideal for temporary and long term use
  • Designed to withstand winds up to 50 mph


  • Promote holiday or weekend sales
  • Grand openings
  • Great for any retail business – car dealerships, day care centers, fitness centers, restaurants, and more!