Awning Graphics

Awnings, sometimes referred to as canopies, are a great way to gain exposure for your business. Commercial Awnings provide a professional appearance while simultaneously promoting your business. If you have an existing awning for your business, Signarama can help you recover or repair your awning and make it look new.

An awning is an architectural projection that provides weather protection, identity or decoration, and they are typically supported by the building on which they are attached. An awning is comprised of a lightweight, rigid skeletal structure over which a fabric cover is fastened to shelter windows, doors, decks, and walkways.

Awnings are used by various types of businesses. You will see large chain stores, banks, and other franchise companies incorporate commercial awnings as part of their branding in addition to local businesses. Sometimes Signarama customers will choose an awning so that their store blends in with the surrounding buildings. Properly designed, awnings can provide a vintage look to a store front.

Another benefit of commercial awnings provided by Signarama is the entire awning does not count toward the square footage for some municipalities sign regulations, only the part of the awning that has graphics on it will be counted toward your sign allotment. With the increased amount of attention that awnings draw, you will be able to enjoy a large return on your investment.

Typical commercial awning projects can be completed in 3 – 4 weeks. If you want Signarama to install your new awning, you will need a permit prior to installation. Our Signarama store can provide this as part of our comprehensive service or assist you in the application process.

Awnings are made with two basic materials, vinyl or canvas. Typically vinyl awnings are chosen for lighted awnings, they are easier to clean and when lit allow more of the light to shine through. Some of our customers choose cloth for a more traditional look for their awning project. Awnings can last for 5-10 years, depending on how they are maintained and can be “re-skinned”, or recovered, to extend their lifespan even further.

Awnings come in many shapes and sizes, have one of our sign professionals come out to your location and provide you with input on what style of awning will look best for your needs.

Awning Graphics

Materials Used:

  • Pressure Sensitive High Performance Vinyl
  • Thermal Digital Print film
  • Eradication

Use, Longevity & UV Stability:

  • Long Term Durability
  • Applied to fabric, vinyl, or aluminum structures
  • Backlit options available


  • Applied to store front canopy for additional marketing opportunities
  • Get your business noticed!
  • Add logos, custom designs, and text.